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The Verdict is a Café, Brighton’s only dedicated Jazz Club, a performance space and a bar. It is an independent family business built on passion, a love of food, great coffee and an interest in people.

It means a great deal to us to be a part of and contribute to our local community. From the dogs & dog-walkers of Dorset Gardens and the local resident population to the nearby student, academic and business communities, our rich and vibrant neighbourhood is at the heart of everything we do.

We pride ourselves on our excellent coffee, made the proper way with quality beans from our friends at Drury. Whether it’s a single shot decaf espresso with a side of warm milk that you’re after, or just a well-foamed cappuccino, we are there to meet your needs.

Where possible we work with local suppliers and use regionally sourced and foraged produce for our ever-changing daily food menu. We believe, genuinely, that our freshly-made sandwiches and salads are among the best available in Brighton. For those with a hankering for something sweeter, we serve home made cakes, biscuits and patisserie, the perfect accompaniment perhaps, to a pot of tea from our exciting range of loose leaf teas and infusions.

We’d like you to feel welcome and valued and hope that our little café can be a warm and friendly sanctuary from a sometimes mad world.

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  1. We came to a wonderful private lunch here just over a week ago. The atmosphere was extremely easy and friendly and the food was absolutely sublime. I think you would call the cuisine Middle Eastern, with marinated lamb so tender and flavourful, I could have eaten the lot. Everything full of lemon and masses of herbs, and delicious.

  2. Hi,

    My school call you today, because I can’t book online.

    A friend want also come to the night of 12 May to see Rossano Sportiello.

    May I can tomorrow at 8:00 to buy two tickets?

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards

    Magali Junod

    1. Hi Magali
      You have two reserved tickets for Rossana Sportiello.
      When you have a moment, please come in and make payment.
      Many thanks

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